The Three Sounds “Bottoms Up!” LP Vinyl


Numbered & Limited to 2500 copies, The Three Sounds is the trio of Jazz musicians Gene Harris, Andrew Simpkins and Bill Dowdy. This album was recorded on three different dates; The first two tracks were recorded on September 15, 1958 while Time After Time was recorded on September 28, 1958. The remainder of the selections were laid down on February 11, 1959. The entire album was recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ and originally released in May of 1960.

Gene Harris, piano, celeste
Andrew Simpkins, bass
Bill Dowdy, drums


The Three Sounds “Bottoms Up!” LP Vinyl originally released in May of 1960. The Three Sounds were one of the most popular artists on Blue Note Records during the late ’50s and ’60s, thanks to their nimble, swinging, blues-inflected mainstream jazz. Since their records sounded interchangeable and their warm, friendly jazz was instantly accessible, many critics dismissed the group at the time as lounge-jazz, but in the ’90s, critical consensus agreed that the group’s leader, pianist Gene Harris, was an accomplished, unique stylist whose very ease of playing disguised his technical skill.

Similarly, his colleagues, bassist Andrew Simpkins and drummer Bill Dowdy, were a deft, capable rhythm section that kept the group in an appealing, bluesy groove. That groove was so appealing that The Three Sounds maintained a large fan following into the late ’60s. During the group’s prime period — from their 1958 debut for Blue Note to the departure of Dowdy in 1967 — The Three Sounds cut an enormous number of records. Many records hit the shelves, while others stayed in the vaults, to be issued at a later date. Through it all, the trio’s sound remained essentially the same, with no real dip in quality until the group began to splinter in the late ’60s.