Sam Cooke “The Best of Sam Cooke” Vinyl LP


Originally released in August 1962 under the title The Best of Sam Cooke, Volume 1 [RCA 2625], this album was reissued in 1965 as The Best of Sam Cooke [RCA 3466, later RCA 3863]. An above-average greatest hits collection, although no sampler could fully convey Sam Cooke’s genius.


I first heard Sam Cooke in the movie Animal House, and have been a fan ever since. This is a great collection of his work which contains maybe (at least in my opinion) one of the greatest songs every produced – “A Change is Gonna Come” … the events that led to Cooke writing that song are sadly typical of that era, but the composition of the final version, the combination of strings and horns used to carry the various verses, is just pure magic.