Lou Donaldson “Alligator Bogaloo” LP Vinyl


Lou Donaldson “Alligator Bogaloo” LP Vinyl (not boogaloo—go figure) is Lou Donaldson at the pinnacle of the jazz-soul era (1967), with arguably the best and baddest example of the genre. Joining him are guitarist George Benson, still in his funky phase, before he turned soft and schmaltzy, and the ever-feisty Lonnie Smith on organ.


Released in 1967, Alligator Bogaloo is one example of Lou Donaldson’s successful combinations of hard bop and soul-jazz. Of the six tunes, three are Donaldson originals, including the title hit. The excellent band, consisting of Melvin Lastin, Sr. on cornet, George Benson on guitar, Lonnie Smith on organ, and Leo Morris on drums, mixes laid-back vamps beneath driving hard bop charts. As the ’60s turned into the ’70s, Donaldson began shaving off hard bop invention for a more radio-friendly and 45 rpm length, leaving soulful — yet monotonous — vamping. At that point, Donaldson’s material suffered from a lack of originality. That’s not the case on Alligator Bogaloo.