Charlie Parker “Bird With The Herd 1951” LP Vinyl


Charlie Parker “Bird With The Herd 1951” LP Vinyl. Charlie Parker live with the Woody Herman Orchestra at the Municipal Arena in Kansas City, July 22, 1951. As is often the case with Charlie Parker’s live recordings from the 1950s, this rare performance has erratic sound. Still this session, which finds Bird sitting in with Woody Herman’s Third Herd, is quite unique. Parker is the main soloist throughout the budget LP, getting a chance to play some fresh material like “The Goof and I,” “Four Brothers,” and “Lemon Drop” and to interact with a big band.


Charlie Parker “Bird With The Herd 1951” LP Vinyl was recorded in Kansas City with Woody Herman and orchestra – with Ron Caton, Doug Mettome, Don Fagerquist, and John McComb on trumpet; Urbie Green, Jerry Dorn, and Fred Woods on trombone; Bill Perkins, Dick Hafer, and Kenny Pinson on tenor; Sam Staff on baritone; Dave McKenna in piano; Red Wooten on bass; and Sonny Igoe on drums.