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As a Freelancer... I've scaled the floors of the Empire State Building, knocking on office doors to pitch digital stuff. I've led training groups for The World Bank, and grew revenue for a Hong Kong-based software startup.

I've also worked for a fun loving digital learning team of tech nerds in Dublin.
My Shark Tales In 2017, I began to question the merits of chasing the sale when a client shared how he did this... So this is between Jan – Dec 2017 and if you’d asked me what I was doing with my life at the start of Jan 2017, I would not have said Ecommerce.

Like most, I also aspire to make money in my sleep.

After a successful digital makeover for this first Enterprise client, I formalized my skillset, combining my enterprise business knowledge and tech skills to propel me further as a freelancer.

We partner with clients to either supplement their in-house marketing department or serve as their full outsourced tech department. Our areas of expertise include website and graphic design, digital marketing and traditional marketing.

We take a uniquely holistic approach to working with clients. Our mix of strategic, creative, and technical team members ensures that you have access to the right people to meet your marketing goals and grow your business.

Personally, we simply love to make clients happy with exceptional websites and context media and offer a pay-as-you-go service.

We also develop custom website concepts for no cost - within 48 hours.

Our deep understanding of applicaton software, systems and tools and provides a gateway of opportunities to enhance most aspects of today's business.

How We Scale Ideas & Brands for Clients Building an online business requires a keen understanding of systems.

Over time, I built these skills as I reacted to our web agency growth. I didn’t consciously try to build websites faster or make systems of everything. They were developed out of a necessity to build websites quicker so I could increase my margins.

Using a consultation approach, I scaled my first client, a bike shop, by applying business know how that helped to generate sales.

Within 24 hours they had a WooCommerce store online and live and I had added heaps of products from AliExpress.

I had ads going the next day and got my first sale.

Within 10 days they did $1000 in sales in a single day (it’s burned into my head – I’ll never forget that moment. I was in Houston, Texas, in a dentist chair when I refreshed the poor quality mobile app that WooCommerce had at the time).

Authentic content is essential in the digital world. We work with brands to identify their unique content needs and deliver custom-made assets at the highest quality, down to the last detail.

. Art Direction
. Illustration & Graphic Design
. Iconography
. Animation
. Photo & Video
. 3D
Your Product is a Service At Freshly, we believe everyone deserves an exceptional user experience, whether using a product at work or in their free time. We create memorable enterprise and consumer products as well as provide comprehensive design systems for effortless product iteration.

. Consumer & Enterprise Software
. User Research & Testing
. CX, UX & Interaction Design
. UI Design
. Motion Design
. Design Systems

We've partnered with forward-thinking companies, from innovative startups to Fortune 100 corporations in various industries to create award-winning work.

. B2B & Enterprise Software
. eCommerce and FashionTech
. Technology
. Electronics
. Food & Beverage
. Startups and VCs
. Healthcare & Life Sciences
. Mobility
. Logistics
. Music & Entertainment
Industries We Service

Our Tech Stack

Ryan Murphy “As a graphic designer, I’m always on the lookout for partners to work with, and Freshly Step is a game-changer! Working with them, I can generate unique and stunning visuals that elevate my marketing campaigns to a whole new level. ” Daniel Musgrove "My music businesses would not be here without Freshly Step. He digitized and simplified management of our apps, radio stations, and web design to draw more artists to work with us." Sarah Jones "Using the generative AI services has been a great for my creative projects. The ability to generate images from text descriptions has sparked my imagination and allowed me to bring my ideas to life effortlessly. Step has completely transformed my creative process and opened up new avenues for artistic exploration." What Creatives are Saying Testimonials

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